A mix of 40% Stiegl Goldbrau and 60% Lemon fruit juice soda that is invariably natural and has no artificial sweeteners added to it. The lemon juice lends this a naturally cloudy appearance and a tangy fruit flavor, creating a succulent and fruity taste sensation with a refreshing finish.

Available in 6/4pk 16.9oz Cans, 50L


The lighter, gently kiln-dried malt gives Stiegl Pils its light golden color. The marvelous bouquet of the finest Saaz hops, a characteristic bitterness and liveliness make it a favorite of beer connoisseurs that love a delicate hoppy note and a fine, aromatic flavor.

Available in 6/4pk 16.9oz Cans

Beer from Austria


Stiegl Goldbräu boasts an unrivalled, well rounded, balanced and wonderfully thirst-quenching flavour. Mildly hopped with a typical refreshing beer bouquet, golden colour, a magnificent fine head and pleasant aftertaste, Stiegl Goldbräu is the enjoyment of beer at the highest level.

Available in 4/6pk 11.2oz, 6/4pk 16.9oz Cans, 50L


Stiegl Radler is half Stiegl Goldbräu and half high quality soda with all-natural flavours. Low in calories and with a low alcohol content they make ideal thirst quenchers.

Available in 4/6pk 11.2oz, 6/4pk 16.9oz Cans, 50L